Communication patterns around the world

How to negotiate with people from different parts of the world

Posted by Janne Cederberg on March 8, 2016
Category: business
Tags: communication, culture


When as an exchange student in Budapest, Hungary back in 1998-99 I studied cultural anthropology among other things. I came to find it very interesting. Part of the interesting part was that my classmates where from seven different nationalities, China, South Korea, South Africa, Hungary, America, Taiwan and one other Finn. There were also mixes of the forementioned like Hungarian-American.

Anyway, the day-to-day level of having a mixed background peer-group and on the other hand studying cross-cultural communication in theory was in a way appealing to me even though initially I didn’t envision it as such.

Humorous chart on communication

I originally came across this chart on Business Insider already in 2014 or 2015 but forgot to “write it down” then. Now we crossed paths again and for self-documentation I figured I’d make a “note” of it.

Do you find this chart a) humorous and/or b) accurate ?

Communication patterns around the world (by Business Insider)