Some glimpses of the stuff I've done so far.

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In addition to working on technical, business development and content creation stuff for, here a things/projects/organizations I’ve been working with in the recent years:



  • Nettiniilo
    • From idea to finished product, from logo to website, tech support, marketing and sales
    • Nettiniilo is a customized wifi router specifically with Finnish high schools in mind
    • Especially useful with the Abitti system
  • In June was offered a technical project management position at Sonera, one of the biggest tele communications companies in Finland, regarding their new corporate client IaaS offerings. I declined due to wanting to work on Nettiniilo.
  • Proof-of-concept stuff regarding Abitti system
    • Abitti system is the first official public version of the digital exam system that will be employed in high school final exams nation-wide starting in autumn 2016.
    • Created an editor that enables teachers to use text formatting including tables as well as images and sounds in exam questions in the Abitti system even though the Abitti system does not officially support anything but plaintext for questions at the time of creation in February 2015.
  • Training sessions for high schools regarding the Abitti system


  • Matriculation Examination Board of Finland
    • Project management as well as part of programming in developing, an idea sharing platform for teachers to use.
    • A research project regarding the possibilities of chemistry notation and 3D representation preferrably in a browser environment and available as open-source solutions. This was carried out be Tiina Tähkä from the Finnish National Board of Education, Johannes Pernaa and me.
  • Suomen Vuokranantajat (Finnish Landlords’ Association)
    • Security audit of their website
    • Helping to close a serious security hole that would have allowed an anonymous user to destroy their member by writing arbitrary data over all member records.


  • Developing
    • 1800+ educational videos about math, physics, chemistry and biology as well as tutorials regarding use of graphing and symbolic calculators
    • Sort of like Khan Academy except in Finnish
    • Khan Academy has had lots of press and has millions of dollars in funding; we’ve built with 1800+ videos with no outside funding.


  • Working at VALU Digital (which at that time was called Media Cabinet) as an HTML5 researcher

8/2009 - 6/2011

  • Working at Kuopion klassillinen high school
    • Teaching mathematics and computer science
    • Computer systems administrator
      • Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP workstations
      • Lots of network automation, mostly using JScript, VBScript, AutoIt and AutoHotkey
    • Klassikka 75 year anniversary yearbook technical implementation
      • Turning raw data from a database into a gorgeus hardcover 700 page yearbook
      • Used JavaScript and LaTeX among other things
  • Coaching a teens’ basketball team at Kuopion Linkki

9/2008 - 7/2009

  • University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Finished master’s degree: mathematics, computer science and pedagogy
  • Assistant teacher on Programming 1 course in autumn semester 2008

8/2007 - 6/2008

  • Same as 8/2009 - 6/2011

9/2004 - 7/2007

  • University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Bachelor’s degree: mathematics, computer science and pedagogy
  • Assistant teacher on math courses in summer 2006 and spring 2007