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Warm, humid, pretty, and quite urban/asphalty

Posted by Janne Cederberg on Oct. 8, 2015
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Friend of mine has been working in Malta since spring 2015. Since I had the possibility, I “transferred” my office to his living room for 10 days in mid-September. Mostly during the mornings I did work related stuff and then during afternoons went to look around Malta, both walking and by public transport.

In a way I enjoy taking public transit instead of for example taxi around places. It does take more time, but on the flipside, you get to experience life more as the locals do; in case you’re into that. And I kinda tend to be.

360° x 180° panorama views around Malta

While out and about around Malta, I took some 360° x 180° panorama photos. Here’s a glimpse of the places.

Sliema ferries

This place was commonly called Sliema ferries; you could for example take a ferry to capital Valletta:

Sliema seafront view

This place was right down the street from my friend’s apartment:


I went to the Maltese capital of Valletta a few times just to walk around. The following view is from the Misrah San Gorg{:target=”_blank”} pretty much at the center of Valletta:

Tigné Point in Sliema

The Tigné Point{:target=”_blank”} area is historically important, I’ve understood. Tigné Point is the peninsula that controls entry to the Sliema and Valletta bays. As Malta has been a center of Mediterranean trade for centuries this point has not gone unnoticed in terms of importance for whoever was in power at a given time.

Nowadays the “balcony” guard rail is full of love-locks which you can only partially see on the panorama. The way the panorama is initially pointed, on the right across the water you can see St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral{:target=”_blank”}.

Panorama location on map{:target=”_blank”}


Mdina{:target=”_blank”} is - as far as I understood - the place where the remaining architecture is the oldest still standing in Malta. Both of these panoramas are from inside the Palazzo de Piro{:target=”_blank”}.

View from Palazzo de Piro balcony

In summary

It was cool to take a change of scenario (even though I was still working) and go for a visit to Malta, a place I had never visited before. One thing I didn’t do was taking the ferry to Sicily. Maybe next time.

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