Me and the Finnish postal service didn't understand each other

Note to self: keep tech jargon to a minimum if you're not SURE you'll be understood :)

Posted by Janne Cederberg on Apr. 30, 2016
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Tags: communication, twitter
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I learned a lesson on clear communication today :)

In the morning I was going to print some mailing labels for my Nettiniilo products for shipping them to clients. When I went to log into the Finnish postal service’s webservice to create the mailing labels I was faced with first this:

Connection to label creation service simply died

And with a bit more inspection this:

Certificate seems to have been expired

This was late in the evening so I simply tweeted @Postigroup about it. It turned out my message apparently was not understood and in the morning they asked me to contact their (semi-expensive) helpdesk number thinking this was yet another support request. I needed to explain: “No, this is not only affecting me, this is affecting ALL of YOUR clients. YOU should fix it asap.”

I did apologize for starting out the conversation with such tech jargon though :)

Twitter discussion regarding Prinetti certificate expiration

As summary, note to self: don’t use technical terms unless you’re sure the recipient understands them :)

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