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What are different browser dev teams up to?

Posted by Janne Cederberg on Jan. 7, 2017
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In a nutshell (TL;DR)

What browser development teams are currently (considering) working on:


Out of curiosity I was just reading the Blink web engine’s Wikipedia page; Blink is used in Chrome/Chromium, Opera, Android WebView, etc. etc. and my interest for it stems from cross-browser extension development. On Aug. 2, 2016 Mozilla shipped v48.0 of the Firefox browser which was the first to have their Chrome-compatible WebExtensions feature enabled by default. Microsoft Edge seems to be following suit which is great.

BUT, that was beside the point of this article. At the bottom of the Blink Wikipedia page I spotted a link to:


Upon taking a quick look I noticed that there’s for example a list of proposed new API’s and features as well as how other browser makers have reacted to the initiative. For example an Asynchronous Clipboard API with a draft, documentation samples and discussion. Public support is indicated by all major browsers.

After browsing around I came across a link to this video regarding how the was build:

Other browsers' development status pages

In the previous video Google engineer Eric Bidelman (@ebidel, GitHub, LinkedIn) mentions that Mozilla/Firefox, Safari/WebKit and Microsoft Edge also have similar development status sites as

So here it is, (the same) list of browser development status sites:

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