Using SCSS/SASS with Hugo static site generator

Quick note-to-self on how to set up asset building when using Hugo

Posted by Janne Cederberg on Mar. 20, 2017
Categories: Webdev
Tags: hugo, gulp, npm, html, javascript
Reading time: approx. 1 minute(s)

Background to using Hugo

I’ve started to enjoy using Hugo for static site generation due to it’s speed and versatility. I’ve used Jekyll a lot before but the Go runtime (which is needed for Hugo) is also much easier to get rolling than Ruby + gems for Jekyll. I’ve also had the Ruby toolchain for Jekyll break multiple times in the past rendering me unable to update a given site before I fix the toolchain.

(As of writing this article, this blog is build using Jekyll but I’m considering converting it to using Hugo.)

SCSS when using Hugo?

Today was searching on how to compile SCSS to CSS when using Hugo, as Hugo doesn’t (at least as of v0.20-DEV) have build-in SCSS/SASS support. I case across this great article by Dan Bahrami and thought I’d at least document it for myself; Gulp is used for SCSS generation which is not as optimal as a solution based on Go (same lang as Hugo), but as I kinda dislike Ruby and am familiar with Gulp anyway, it seems pretty usable:

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