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Did you know you can automate the heck out of Gmail?

Posted by Janne Cederberg on May. 16, 2020
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Email is a great tool. But it’s not such a great master. Managing one’s email inbox has become an art of its own with even a Google TechTalk on the topic:

In case you use a Gmail mailbox (either with a domain or some other Google-hosted domain), did you know you can use Google AppScripts to automate tons of things for example regarding your email inbox.


Let’s create an automation for our Google-hosted inbox that will archive all email threads that fulfill the following two criterion:

  1. The newest email in the email thread is older than X days old
  2. The status of the email thread is read


  1. Using your browser log into using your Google account.
  2. Create a new project
  3. Copy the AppScript code listed below into the code view and save
  4. Return to the browser tab that contains the listing of your projects at
  5. On the right side of the desired project, click the three vertical dots
  6. Select Triggers (in Finnish: Käynnistimet)
  7. Click on Add trigger (in Finnish: Lisää triggeri)
  8. Configure the settings for how often/when you want to trigger the code you defined in step 3
  9. Save

AppScript code for above step 3

 * Let's clean up the Gmail inbox so that all messages that are:
 *   1. older than X days and
 *   2. that have been read
 * get automatically and for example daily archived.
function cleanInbox() {
  // Set threshold in days; read messages in inbox and older than X days will be archived
  var thresholdDays = 14;

  //'s max pagesize is 500, we'll stay well below that
  var pageSize = 100;

  var archiveOlderThanDate = new Date(new Date() - thresholdDays * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000);
  var pageIndex = 0;

  do {
     * Get message threads that are in inbox, are read and where the *first* message of the
     * thread is older than thresholdDays old. Notice that even though the first message of
     * the thread would be older than thresholdDays, the newest message in the thread might
     * be much more recent, but on the flipside, if the first message of a thread is newer
     * than thresholdDays, then the latest msg of the thread also must be so and hence it
     * would be a waste of time looking at such threads.
    var threads ='in:inbox is:read older_than:' + thresholdDays + 'd', pageIndex * pageSize, pageSize);
    for (t in threads) {
      var latestDate = threads[t].getLastMessageDate();
      if (latestDate < archiveOlderThanDate) {
    pageIndex += 1;
  } while (threads.length == pageSize);

When is it worth the time to automate?

This is a great summary of when automating is worth it, considered across a 5 year time:

XKCD: Is it worth the time?

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